Board of Directors

Huron House Boys’ Home has a 12 member volunteer Board of Directors. Their responsibility is to govern the operation of Huron House Boys’ Home through a comprehensive set of policies and procedures, corporate by-laws, and financial/audited statements. The Board uses the Carver Model in making all decisions.

Current Board of Directors

President: Mr. Bert Phills
Vice-President: Mr. Jim Foubister

Treasurer: Mr. Joe Pagano
Secretary: Ms. Sandra Perkins


Ms. Linda Zoccano
Mr. David Elliott
Mr. Darryl Germain
Mr. Jim Crawford
Ms. Helen Lane
Mr. Terry Doyle
Ms. Linda Ryan

A separate, arms length Foundation Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the long-term viability of Huron House Boys’ Home.

Foundation Board of Directors:

President: Mike Raes
Secretary: Don Adam (ex-officio)
Vice President: Jamie Carson
Treasurer: Peter Norris
Member-at-Large: Carly VandenEnde
Member-at-Large: Rob Longo
Inter Board Liaison: Linda Ryan