Funding Sources

  • Ministry of Children and Youth Services for the Province of Ontario. Approximately 30% of our budget comes from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.
  • Fee for Service (Children’s Aid Societies). If a child is a ward of the Children’s Aid Society, we enter into a contract with them on a fee for service basis to provide treatment, care and supervision of the child for the duration of his stay. Depending on the number of boys we have in this situation, we can see as much as 62% of our budget.
  • Parental Contributions. Parents are expected to pay for clothing, recreational registration fees and medical costs for their son.
  • Individual Donations
  • Corporate Sponsors and Donors
  • Fundraising.  The Boys’ Home has four major annual fundraising events:
    1. Father’s Day Run/Walk/Skate/Bike
    2. Spring Bulletin (Newsletter)
    3. Men Who Cook Gala Night
    4. Christmas Annual Appeal (Newsletter)

The Boys’ Home is also the beneficiary of several other fundraising events sponsored by other organizations throughout the greater community. These include Race to Erase and The Quality Control Council of Canada’s Golf Tournament organized by Mike Blondin.

In addition, Huron House was one of 26 agencies that participated in Giving Tuesday in 2014. Giving Tuesday is a national charity event held on the Tuesday after Black Friday. This event involved 26 charities, including Huron House.  All donations from the campaign were shared equally among the agencies involved. Find out more at

If you would like more information about any of these events, give us a call. We’d be glad to help.



We accept many types of donations. Whether you are a business or individual you can donate to the Boys’ Home. Click on the ‘donate’ button at the top of this page or call us at 519-869-4000 for more information on making a donation.

Monetary Donations:
We accept cash, credit card and cheques.  Cheques should be made out to Huron House Boys’ Home.
A charitable tax receipt is issued to individuals for monetary donations.

Donations Involving Service:
Donations of service can be very beneficial to Huron House Boys’ Home, please contact us if you can help.
No tax receipt can be provided for donations involving service to the Boys’ Home.

Donations to Huron House Boys’ Home:
All donations made directly to Huron House Boys’ Home will be used solely to help support the boys and/or the ongoing operation of the Boys’ Home itself. For example: the cost toward purchasing clothing, sports equipment, school supplies, bicycles, food, utility costs, etc. You may also specify exactly what you would like your donation to go toward.

Donations to the Huron House Boys’ Home Foundation:
All donations to Huron House Boys’ Home Foundation will be used to ensure the Boys’ Home is financially viable throughout its future. For example: helping to purchase a new vehicle, replacing a roof, making renovations to the building, etc. There are many ways in which you can donate to the Boys’ Home. For example, you may want to:

– Respond to either our Spring or Christmas  Bulletin,

– Pledge one of our Father’s Day Run/Walk/Skate/Bike participants,

– Participate in our fabulous “Men Who Cook” gala, or

– Send in your donation at your convenience any time throughout the year.