From Past Residents

“Just wanted to say much love and thanks for all the things that you have done for us along the way. Things have changed for us. We are finishing school this year and going to college to be a Child and Youth Worker.”

– Justin and Jeremy (brothers)

“I am who I am today because of Huron House Boys’ Home and the staff. I feel really indebited to them for who I am and where I am in life today. I feel truly thankful and blessed for having lived at Huron House. It is my hope that other kids that find themselves in the same situations as my brother and myself were in have the same opportunities as we did.”

– Chuck

“When I was young I was always in trouble at school. I was sent home everyday because someone was picking on me. When I moved to the Boys’ Home, the staff were always there to help with my studies. Whenever there were problems at school, they would help me through it. If I had not moved to the Boys’ Home when I did, I would probably have been a high school drop out or I would not have even considered college ever in my life.”

– Aaron

“In 1987, I was given the biggest break of my life. I was the kind of kid that thought I knew it all, was skipping school, hanging around with the wrong bunch of kids, and acted like the real tough guy most of the time. I was given a chance to consider living at the Boys Home.

My mother was against the idea at first but both my grandfather and grandmother were in favour of it and convinced me to try the Boys Home. The first impression you get at the Huron House is a very friendly one as they meet you with a handshake and a warm welcome. I was not used to that kind of thing. It sort of made me really feel like I was somebody.

For two years I lived at the Boys Home and graduated from Alexander Mackenzie High School during that time. We did things I would never have dreamed I would be doing. As a group we were always busy doing things for people in the community and I had lots of lawn cutting jobs to make some extra money. I will never forget the summer camping trips we took each year.

It is too bad the Boys Home was not bigger. There are a lot of boys who could learn a lot if they lived there like I did. I’m on my own now, working every day and doing well for myself. Being part of the Boys Home Alumni is a good feeling and I do visit Huron House when I can.

I can’t really put on paper the thanks I owe everyone at the Boys Home.”

– Shayne

“I wanted to just say that with out Huron House Boys Home and its staff and programs I would never have amounted to half of the man that I am today . I fully believe that I would be in prison, dead or drifting through life with no direction as so many people are that I have known over the years. I believe that Huron House saved my life .

Although we have never met I am so glad to know that some one is continuing the path that is Huron House for what it’s worth I just wanted to tell you this.”

– Cameron 

“Overall, my experience at HHBH was a good learning point that I needed in my life at that time. The staff and people at HHBH helped me a lot, while doing a stand up job during my stay. Besides the circumstances, I am glad to always have HHBH as a part of my past, and hope that you continue to do such a fine job with the future kids that come through your doors. Thanks again HHBH.”

– Jordan 

“I think the time I spent at the Boys’ Home was the best thing that could have happened to me at that stage of my life. I was provided structure in my life, a sense of belonging, and certainly was aided in my pursuit of education. I am sure that there were things that could have been better done – but they were quite minor in the whole scheme of things.”

– Steve