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Since 1987 the “Boys’ Home Run” has been a feature of Bright’s Grove every Father’s Day. It has grown to include a 10k run, a 5k run, a 5k walk, a 7k rollerblade, and 7k, 20k and 40k bicycle rides.  It also includes a sausage and pancake breakfast, and on-site activities for children 3-10 years old accompanied by a parent.

People come from far and near to participate. Some come to get a good time on our flat fast route, some come to test their abilities, and some come for a special time with friends and family. All proceeds stay local for the boys of Huron House.

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Routes begin and end in Mike Weir Park.  Please make sure you have an updated route map.  Route maps were updated May 23rd, 2018.

Start times:
10k Race Route starts at 8:04 a.m.
5k Fun Run Route starts at 8:12 a.m.
5k Walk Route starts at 8:16 a.m.
7k Skate Route starts at 7:56 a.m.
7k Bike Route starts at 7:55 a.m.
20k Bike Route starts at 7:50 a.m.
40k Bike Route starts at 7:45 a.m.
Wheelchair and stroller 5k and 10k runners start at 8:08 a.m.

The 20k and 40k bike routes were created in response to suggestions from many people.  They are touring routes NOT A RACE. Cyclists must always give way to runners, follow all traffic rules and must wear a helmet.

All routes are on paved roads, with just a bit of hard packed stones in Mike Weir Park before the gate to Brigden Road.

Clue Game

Participants in the walk, skate and bike are encouraged to participate in the Clue Game.  Click here for Clue Game details.

Sponsors and Donors

Year after year, sponsors and donors have been a significant factor in the success of our Run/Walk/Skate/Bike event. Find out more about our sponsors by clicking HERE.


Many local business have donated prizes.  All participants are entered in the draws for these prizes but they must be present to win.

Participants who raise $150 are eligible for fundraising prizes.  They do not need to be present to win.

2016 Results

Chiptime final results (click on category)
10k Race
5k Fun Run

Category Winners (click on category)
10k Road Race
5k Fun Run
10k Race Father/Child team, combined age 51 – 75 years
10k Father/Child team, combined age 76 years and over

2016 Photos

Many thanks to the Sarnia Photographic Club and others for thousands of great photos.  We’ve done our best to capture all participants and you should be able to find yourself in one of the albums.  If you’d like a copy of a photo, send an email to with the photo number and name of album it’s in.

All Albums –

10k Race Finish –

10k Race –

5k Fun Run –

5k Fun Run Finish –

Walk –

Skate –

Bike 7k –

Bike 20k 40k –

Around the Park –

Assisted Athletes Start –

Groups –

Jr. Adrenaline Trail –

Stage –

Volunteers –

Zorb Ball –

2015 Photos, click here

2015 Results

10k Race
10k Race All Ladies
10k Race All Men
10k Race Ladies 13 and Under
10k Race Ladies 14 – 19
10k Race Ladies 20 – 29
10k Race Ladies 30 – 39
10k Race Ladies 40 – 49
10k Race Ladies 50 – 59
10k Race Ladies 60+

10k Race Men 13 and Under
10k Race Men 14 – 19
10k Race Men 20 – 29
10k Race Men 30 – 39
10k Race Men 40 – 49
10k Race Men 50 – 59
10k Race Men 60+

10k Race Father-Child Team 51 -75
10k Race Father-Child Team 76+

Fun Run All Participants
Fun Run All Ladies
Fun Run All Men

Fun Run Ladies 13 and Under
Fun Run Ladies 14 – 19
Fun Run Ladies 20 – 29
Fun Run Ladies 30 – 39
Fun Run Ladies 40 – 49
Fun Run Ladies 50 – 59
Fun Run Ladies 60+

Fun Run Men 13 and Under
Fun Run Men 14 – 19
Fun Run Men 20 – 29
Fun Run Men 30 – 39
Fun Run Men 40 – 49
Fun Run Men 50 – 59
Fun Run Men 60+

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