Referrals for admission are received in two ways.

1. Single Point of Access – for Sarnia-Lambton families

Sarnia-Lambton has a single point of access mechanism to assist parents or guardians on what service would best suit their needs. Parents or guardians looking for support from the community should contact an Intake Worker from STARRting Point which is located at the Family Counselling Centre on Modeland Road (519-336-0120). The intake worker will help identify what service would best meet their needs. If admission to Huron House is considered appropriate and is supported by both the parents or guardians and youth, a formal request for admission along with the submission of background documents is sent to Huron House where we determine the appropriateness of the referral. Shortly thereafter, parents or guardians and youth are involved in a tour of the facility where further discussions and suitability of placement are explored. Placement at Huron House generally occurs soon afterward as we don’t tend to have a waiting list for admission.

Removing a youth from his home environment is a stressful and difficult decision for everyone. We therefore encourage the youth, his family and the referring agent to visit our residence prior to a final decision being made to make sure that this is indeed the right decision. Parents/guardians must enter into a Service Agreement with Huron House outlining the specific service, supports and expectations of both parties. Parents/guardians are required to pay for various costs associated with the care and treatment of their child. These costs will be explained to the parent prior to admission and the parent must agree to all terms associated with the Service Agreement.

2. Placing agencies

Direct referrals for placement are taken from Children’s Aid Societies or other referring agencies who support youth with complex special needs. A Service Agreement is completed outlining the specific service, supports, expectations and cost associated with the care and treatment of the child.