Libro Community Builder Grant

sign-cheque-groupLibro supports opportunities for adding value to the community with their Prosperity Fund. They value things like regional economic development, building financial knowledge and youth leadership.

The Huron House Boys’ Home Christmas Tree Project has just the kind of potential they support, and we were delighted to learn they chose us as one of the 2016 recipients.

The Christmas Tree Project, with the start-up fully funded by Libro, will enable Huron House youth to collaborate on a business plan and manage (with supervision of course) the business on a long-term basis.  Boys will learn about farming and about themselves as the project is integrated into Boys’ Home programming.  The project will provide boys with opportunities to develop beneficial skills and behaviours as they manage the business and the farm, and interact with the community.

But don’t expect to be buying Boys’ Home Christmas trees just yet… it takes several years before the trees are large enough to sell.