Independent Living

The Independent Living Program (ILP) is a service offered at Huron House Boys’ Home for transitional age youth. Boys between of 16 and 18 years of age live in the upstairs apartment with full kitchen to prepare meals, a living room, den, laundry facilities, computer access and five private bedrooms, some with en-suite bathrooms.

ILP is geared to boys who have a need to prepare themselves for independent living by learning a variety of skills that will help ensure a successful transition. It is supported by Huron House Boys’ Home staff, who assist boys in all aspects of acquiring the skills necessary to live on their own.

Youth already living at Huron House apply for admission to the ILP, with help from and signed by their primary worker.

Scope of Independent Living Program

  • Usually a youth in the Independent Living Program lives in the upstairs apartment, however he may be living downstairs and still be involved in the program especially if there is insufficient space upstairs; and a youth living upstairs will not be moved downstairs simply because he is not involved in the Independent Living Program.
  • Youth are involved in sessions for learning the life skills needed to live successfully on their own
  • Staff access experts from the community to assist with specific topics (i.e. writing resumes, setting budgets, financial management etc.) to ensure youth receive accurate, current information in an expedient fashion.
  • When not involved in Independent Living Program activities, youth participate in other Huron House Boys’ Home programs and activities.