Office hours to reach the Executive Director, the Business Manager, or the Administrative Assistant/Receptionist are between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. However, there is always someone at the residence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to receive your call.

Telephone: 519-869-4000
Fax: 519-869-6999

Executive Director:
Mr. Don Adam

Business Manager:
Ms. Natisha Taylor CPA, CA

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist:
Ms. Ingrid Hook

Program Staff:
All program staff have a university degree or a diploma as a Child and Youth Worker.

Program Manager:
Mr. Mick Mullen

Staff Supervisor:
Mr. Paul Kern

Service Co-ordinator:
Mr. Andy Mackay

Social Worker:
Ms. Kerry Hodgson

  • Full Time Front Line Staff:
    Ms. Nicole Elliott
    Mr. Brian Clarke
    Ms. Mairi Macintyre
    Ms. Helena Vandevenne
    Ms. Karen Machan
    Ms. Brianna Cassidy
    Ms. Jenn VanRuymbeke
    Mr. Mike McGill
  • Support Staff:
    Ms. Linda MacDougall
    Ms. Angie Dobson
    Mr. Paul Kalar
  • Ms. Deb Kroenig
  • Mr. Kelly Baines

Fundraiser/Event Co-ordinator:
Ms. Noelle Fisher

Current Board of Directors

President: Mr. Bert Phills
Vice-President: Mr. Jim Foubister

Treasurer: Mr. Joe Pagano
Secretary: Mr. Jim Crawford


  • Ms. Andraya MacMillan
  • Mr. Stephane Thiffeault
    Mr. David Elliott
    Mr. Harry Chadwick
    Ms. Helen Lane
    Mr. Terry Doyle
    Ms. Linda Ryan


Foundation Board of Directors:

President: Mike Raes
Secretary: Don Adam (ex-officio)
Vice President: Jamie Carson
Treasurer: Peter Norris

  •  Member-at-Large: Carly VandenEnde
  • Member-at-Large: Rob Longo
  • Inter Board Liaison: Linda Ryan